Sunday, March 24th, 2013
7:30pm – 10:00pm | FREE!

Experimental and noise music takes on a particularly quirky final form this Sunday at AIRPLANE as bricolage instrument builder and visual artist Ken Butler plays with Scott M. Putesky (a/k/a Daisy Berkowitz, original guitarist/Marilyn Manson co-founder), and weirdo “electro noise doo-wop” band Childproof, that both opened for Gary Wilson last year at XPO, the band’s principle/Bushwick collage artist JP Marin played guitar for Wilson, as well, while Putesky doubles as lead guitarist for Childproof. Sunday will feature Childproof as Butler’s backing band, playing out, experimental and noise-jazz instead of their infectiously catchy genre hybrid songs, or so the Facebook Event page indicates:

Ken Butler’s solo show at AIRPLANE features, “The Projection Grand Piano an interactive sculptural instrument that can be played like a piano [that] projects light onto [any] wall in an endless variety of patterns and shapes,” (apparently manned by AIRPLANE proprietor/artist Lars Kremer) will, additionally, project live onto the band, as Butler plays several of his ‘invented’ microtonal playable sculptures (such as a tennis racket violin, shotgun cello, mannequin arm stringed who-knows-what?) with Childproof/Berkowitz backing him on conventional instruments. Butler, who, “is an artist and musician, as well as an experimental musical instrument builder [whose] hybrid musical instruments and other artworks explore the interaction and transformation of common and uncommon objects, altered images, sounds and silence,” has collaborated previously with the likes of John Zorn and Laurie Anderson, among others, in addition to playing The Met, Lincoln Center, and the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.

Live at AIRPLANE. 70 Jefferson St., Bushwick.

Originally posted on Bushwick Daily