“Bushwick collage is not only popular, but increasingly amazing!” This was my conclusion recently made after numerous art-exploring adventures in Bushwick.  Collage being a combination of elements from different sources reflects the time we live in so accurately. Magazines, postcards, fliers… Stimuli coming at us from every direction, combined with artists’ own imaginary world reflect everyday subconscious battle with overload of impulses. While some artists work with physical elements and cut outs, others work with images compiled exclusively from the Internet, and create collages in Photoshop. I believe that this speaks loud about the spirit of the time, and the vanishing importance of print and physical objects in favor of the Internet… Here is a selection of 10 extraordinary artists from the Bushwick area who work in collage listed in alphabetical order.

JP Marin’s collage art is a trippy journey of the Internet. As a reflection of the stream of JP’s consciousness feel also his collages. He uses quirky, odd elements; his collage art is full of pop cultural references and insider jokes.

By Katarina Hybenova

Originally posted on Bushwick Daily