(Las Vegas) What ought to have been a simple $300 dollar rubdown (likely without “happy ending”), local woman Christina Lefave has been charged with stealing old, rich guy Kenneth Herold’s very expensive Rolex “Presidential” watch, in what is remarkably not a Florida crime. Early reports indicate the pair met at the Wynn Hotel’s bar where, as one would expect, they cordially negotiated the terms of an erotic rendezvous. The amorous 66 year old succumbed to the inviting 25 year old female’s offer to service him; more specific details were withheld. According to Herald, approximately 30 minutes into their time together the accused requested Herold remove said watch so she may massage his wrist. Clearly a grift, the excited senior, immune to sound judgment obeyed; “5 to 7 minutes later” the watch disappeared. Lefave initially denied stealing the timepiece but for reasons unknown eventually admitted to stashing it in her person. “Prior to medical staff assisting Lafave with removal of the watch she admitted to them that she had stolen a watch and concealed the item in her vagina,” the police report reads. Arrested and charged with grand larceny, Lafave was released on $40,000 bond. “We believe he gave her the watch and later tried to take it back when he wasn’t satisfied with her services,” the defendant’s attorney Chris Rasmussen states. Noted magician Criss Angel has not yet commented on this story.